Friday, August 19, 2011

Foreword Productions News Feed

08.07.11 - Studio in use for the score (Fritz Meyers) of "Sushi Girl" film: Sushi Girl

08.07.11 - Mix Matchstik's next single "Disco" ... listen here: Matchstik

08.01.11 - Begin Mike Korte's blues EP

07.21.11 - Begin "Long Day Too Short" album: Long Day Too Short

07.08.11 - Begin hard rock "Scoonie" album: Scoonie

07.01.11 - Begin mixing 2nd album with Cletus Bradley: Just Cletus

06.21.11 - Begin pop rock album with John Hernandez

06.08.11 - Mix D.V.O. "Magic Carpet" produced by Sina Mobasser, listen here: D.V.O.

06.01.11 - Begin project with 33 Entertainment's "Amali"

05.30.11 - Begin next D.V.O. single "City of Chaos"

05.21.11 - Begin Ken Hanlon's new age spoken word album

05.08.11 - The Weasels track EP live in the studio: The Weasels

05.01.11 - Begin tracking for next "Joe and the Jungle" album: Joe and the Jungle

04.21.11 - Finish latest Foreword release "If You Weren't Here" ... listen: Foreword

04.08.11 - New demos with Reggae Pop artist Vanchi

04.01.11 - Foreword's own Matthew Nelson begins new project with Reese Weil

03.30.11 - Begin Greg Pastore Project

03.28.11 - Begin tracking for "Dynalab" Metal album

03.25.11 - Begin production for musical "Shapin' Up"

03.21.11 - Begin "The Allan Forest" project:

03.11.11 - Begin mixing "Death and Taxes" album: Death and Taxes

03.08.11 - Finish "Riley Life" EP...listen here: Riley Life

03.01.11 - Begin Robert Cross Album

02.22.11 - Begin Erin Unger EP

02.08.11 - Begin Delilah's "Deltom Sings The Blues" EP

02.01.11 - Begin vocal tracking/production for upcoming Simon Curtis album: Simon Curtis

01.31.11 - Finish Doug Hall's "Rock God" project

01.26.11 - Finish VO for Juliette Garrison's feature film, not yet released but preview here: Juliette Garrison

o1. 22.11 - Radical Blood Orange EP released: Radical Blood Orange

01.08.11 - Glass Battles EP underway, click here to listen: Glass Battles

01.01.11 - Shan Kachi "Friday Night" released: Kach

Foreword Productions News Feed

01.01.11 - Begin mixing and production on Heroe album !

12.01.10 - Finished producing D.V.O. single "Story of She" here for his myspace: D.V.O.

11.01.10 - Begin mixing Cletus Bradley album featuring Kanary here: Just Cletus

10.01.10 - Finished producing Andrea Lewis' album featuring Andre here for his myspace: 5 4 3 2 1

09.15.10 - Begin production on Ernst Johan-Kunst album !

09.01.10 - Completion of Saige Skywalker's full length album "Startrip Oddysey" listen: Saige Skywalker

08.01.10 - I Am Omni signed for sponsorship and distribution with here: RVCA

07.01.10 - Finish mixing and mastering "I Am Omni" featuring here: I Am Omni

06.01.10 - Foreword releases 2 new songs: "In Saying I'm Wrong" and "Blank Pages" listen: Foreword

05.01.10 - Finished producing on Urban here for his myspace: Urban

04.01.10 - Foreword's "Watch It All Go Down" is available on Rock Band!!! Go to Rock Band Network to download and play today! Rock Band Network

03.01.10 - Youtube release of Ercy Mirage's - "Blow My Mind ft. Xhoana and Matthew Nelson (Foreword)...It hit 100,000 plays in 5 days!!! click here to see the video: Ercy Mirage

02.01.10 - Finish producing Annaliise's full length here for her myspace: Annaliise

01.01.10 - Gnomeattic's "Mutate" is picked up by APB - Realtime Worlds LTD. and will be featured in the online game and other media assosiated!

12.01.09 - Sound design for Stanford Medical which will be played in the 49ers stadium: Bentlight Digital

11.01.09 - Matchstik featured artist on here for article: Matchstik on Billboard

10.01.09 - Begin production on Annaliise's full length album…click here for her myspace: Annaliise

09.01.09 - Begin production on Lucid Dream Factory's here for his myspace: Lucid Dream Factory

08.01.09 - Begin production on The Blinds' here for their myspace: The Blinds

07.01.09 - Music Video shoot for Foreword's "Settle In" with Bentlight Digital who is a long-time friend/ here for their website: Bentlight Digital

06.20.09 - Filming for Macbeth Apparel viral promo (Tom Delonge of Blink 182 and Angel's and Airwaves).We will be doing the sound design for this as well...

06.08.09 - Foreword releases 2 new songs: "Watch It All Go Down" and "Settle In" listen: Foreword

06.01.09 - Completion of Saige Skywalker's full length album "Startrip Oddysey" listen: Saige Skywalker

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foreword Productions and Andrea Lewis

Just wanted to announce the release of the latest Andrea Lewis album 5-4-3-2-1!!!

It's available for free download at:

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on this album and am proud that this project finally came to fruition! I'll let you all decide the highlights and comment below, but I would like to point out a few things...

After working with Andrea on the first 7 songs as an engineer, I myself was inspired and literally wrote a song for her in my dreams (I woke up with a verse melody and lyric and a chorus melody). It is #7 on the ablum and features the amazing Simon Curtis as well...the title is "Talk To Me."

Another note is my personal favorite "Voodoo" which was among the first few we tracked and I remember telling her and co-writer/producer Ty Mckery that they have an amazing project with this album!

Finally, although all the tracks are noteworthy on this album, I just wanted to point out the featured rapper on the song "Rain Drops" ... Andre 3000. This really suits the song and is proof that many people believe in Andrea's talent as an artist!!!

Let me know what you all think of the album!!!

Matthew Nelson
Foreword Productions

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Download and play "Watch It All Go Down" by Foreword on your XBOX 360...

So This is the first attempt at blogging, but I am going to try to make this the Foreword News portion of my websites...

On to the content! After some development, I was finally able to get a 3rd party to program one of my songs to be on the Rockband Network! All you have to do is go to the following link and download/purchase it on your XBOX 360.

I am looking forward to hearing feedback from all of you! Hopefully you enjoy!