Friday, August 19, 2011

Foreword Productions News Feed

01.01.11 - Begin mixing and production on Heroe album !

12.01.10 - Finished producing D.V.O. single "Story of She" here for his myspace: D.V.O.

11.01.10 - Begin mixing Cletus Bradley album featuring Kanary here: Just Cletus

10.01.10 - Finished producing Andrea Lewis' album featuring Andre here for his myspace: 5 4 3 2 1

09.15.10 - Begin production on Ernst Johan-Kunst album !

09.01.10 - Completion of Saige Skywalker's full length album "Startrip Oddysey" listen: Saige Skywalker

08.01.10 - I Am Omni signed for sponsorship and distribution with here: RVCA

07.01.10 - Finish mixing and mastering "I Am Omni" featuring here: I Am Omni

06.01.10 - Foreword releases 2 new songs: "In Saying I'm Wrong" and "Blank Pages" listen: Foreword

05.01.10 - Finished producing on Urban here for his myspace: Urban

04.01.10 - Foreword's "Watch It All Go Down" is available on Rock Band!!! Go to Rock Band Network to download and play today! Rock Band Network

03.01.10 - Youtube release of Ercy Mirage's - "Blow My Mind ft. Xhoana and Matthew Nelson (Foreword)...It hit 100,000 plays in 5 days!!! click here to see the video: Ercy Mirage

02.01.10 - Finish producing Annaliise's full length here for her myspace: Annaliise

01.01.10 - Gnomeattic's "Mutate" is picked up by APB - Realtime Worlds LTD. and will be featured in the online game and other media assosiated!

12.01.09 - Sound design for Stanford Medical which will be played in the 49ers stadium: Bentlight Digital

11.01.09 - Matchstik featured artist on here for article: Matchstik on Billboard

10.01.09 - Begin production on Annaliise's full length album…click here for her myspace: Annaliise

09.01.09 - Begin production on Lucid Dream Factory's here for his myspace: Lucid Dream Factory

08.01.09 - Begin production on The Blinds' here for their myspace: The Blinds

07.01.09 - Music Video shoot for Foreword's "Settle In" with Bentlight Digital who is a long-time friend/ here for their website: Bentlight Digital

06.20.09 - Filming for Macbeth Apparel viral promo (Tom Delonge of Blink 182 and Angel's and Airwaves).We will be doing the sound design for this as well...

06.08.09 - Foreword releases 2 new songs: "Watch It All Go Down" and "Settle In" listen: Foreword

06.01.09 - Completion of Saige Skywalker's full length album "Startrip Oddysey" listen: Saige Skywalker

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